Contemporary Pianos

Vintage pianos are gorgeous works of art from days gone by. These instruments have untold histories of singing their songs for countless listeners. They must be experienced in person to understand their glory. Stop in today and take a trip through time!

Vintage Grand Pianos


Model WR 5’8” Duo-Art Reproducing Grand   Cir 1928

This Weber is a true “one of a kind” grand piano. It’s Duo Art reproducing mechanism is the finest of its time. While it is capable of playing most player piano rolls, when Duo Art rolls are used you enjoy a performance with dynamics that is more true to the original performance.

Weber was the Aeolian Company’s top of the line grand piano. The scroll work featured on this instrument’s cabinet was professionally installed years after the piano was manufactured at the request of the owner at the time. This makes it a truly “one of a kind” Weber Reproducing Piano!

•     Duo-Art Reproducing playback unit

•     Custom mahogany cabinet

•     Double leg design

•     Hand stitched bench cover

Steinway & Sons

Model XR 6'2" Duo-Art Reproducing Grand   Cir 1925

During the early 20th Century, Steinway joined with Aeolian to built a number of Steinway grand pianos equipped with the exquisite Duo-Art reproducing player mechanism. Unfortunately, most of these pianos have been gutted of their player mechanisms so today a fully restored, working instrument is very hard to find.

These Duo-Art grand pianos do an amazing job of recreating the expression and dynamics of a live pianist.

Thomas E. Ahearn Rebuild Includes:

•  New pinblock with #2 pins

•  New hammers

•  New strings

•  New shanks & flanges

•  Reproducing mechanism has been

completely serviced

•  Soundboard is original with a live crown

Bluthner is a highly respected German piano manufacturer. Historical notes include:

Julius Blüthner started his piano making in Leipzig after having spent several years wandering from one piano maker to another to improve on his knowledge of the craft. In November 1853 he began with three men, and his instruments found immediate acclaim among the musical bourgeoisie.

Production grew quickly. Soon his premises had to be enlarged and in newspapers and journals of these days Julius Blüthner talks with pride about new machines that were added to his production facilities or the fact that production was changed to steam-driven machinery.

This piano is a tremendous example of Bluthner’s excellent craftsmanship.

Reconditioning Of This Piano Includes:

•     New pinblock

•     New hammers

•     New strings

•     New dampers

•     Extensive action work with new parts

•     Plate refinished

•     Soundboard resurfaced

•     Cabinet refinished in satin ebony


6'3" Grand Piano   Cir 1894

George Steck & Co

5'0" Duo-Art Reproducing Grand Piano   Cir 1914

The renowned George Steck piano was recognized as one of the strictly high-grade makes in the United States. With factories in East Rochester, New York, George Steck began manufacturing his own pianos in 1857, winning many honors during his long career. In the great Vienna Exposition in 1873, the George Steck won First Prize for merit for tone, design, and careful detail of construction. This was the only such honor granted at the Exposition and marked the superiority of the George Steck over all the other pianos exhibited. Steck, a master craftsman and scientific acoustician, won many other awards, including the coveted Gold Medal at Vienna and other international expositions.

Reproducing grands distinguish themselves from common player pianos by having the ability to express dynamics as well as extra damper control. This means you enjoy a more natural performance from the instrument.

CH Whitney

Square Grand Piano   Cir 19th Century

This CH Whitney is a beautiful example of a period in piano history. With its clavichord inspired design, this style of piano was popular with many households vs the harpsichord style design of the traditional grand piano.

The design did have mechanical challenges but this piano has been retrofitted with a Roland digital piano.

All of the beauty of a square grand piano without need for tuning or regulation!

Digital Instruments

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CH Whitney


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