The World's First Choice

Yamaha is the world wide leader in pianos. In over a century of piano building Yamaha has revolutionized the acoustic piano. The choice of today’s top artists and recording studios world wide Yamaha has grown into the standard of comparison for all other pianos.

Yamaha Upright Pianos YUS/U Series
YUS/U Series

Professional upright pianos with unmatched quality and playability

Yamaha Upright Pianos P/M Series
P/M Series

Professional and Gallery Collection pianos

Yamaha Upright Pianos b Series
b Series

Affordable pianos with excellent materials & workmanship

Compare the Yamaha piano to any other piano and you’ll find out why Yamaha is the world’s most popular piano. A piano is a once in a lifetime purchase. Make the choice that will never leave you wanting more.

Painstaking preparation of every piano in the Yamaha factory makes sure that each instrument measures up to Yamaha’s stringent quality level. Willing to go head to head with any piano, at any price, has proven the Yamaha piano as the most consistently built piano in the industry with unbelievable tone, touch and quality.