The World's First Choice

More than a century has passed since Torakusu Yamaha handcrafted the first piano ever made in Japan, followed by the first Japanese grand piano in 1902. Today YAMAHA grand pianos represent unparalleled Tone, Precision  of  Touch, Dynamic Range, Quality Control, and Lasting Value.

YAMAHA grands are the first choice of countless American pianists, and center stage in the world's most prestigious concert halls, music conservatories, international piano competitions, and music festivals   both classical and jazz. They are in more recording studios than any other piano. Yamaha pianos have evolved over the years from a bright sound to a deep warm, but still clear, beautiful sound.

Unlike other manufacturers every Yamaha piano is manufactured by Yamaha in a Yamaha factory with Yamaha components. This allows for a level of quality and value that is hard to match. Compare Yamaha with any other piano for touch, tone, consistency, as well as quality of workmanship and materials. Yamaha s innovation has made many improvements in piano design with many manufacturers attempting to copy but never duplicating. No gimmicks.  No corners cut. Just top quality heirloom instruments.

Come play the piano preferred by more artists than any other piano.