Superior Tone with Acoustic Projection

Get outstanding features in the LX-700 Series' most affordable model.

Stylish Yet Compact Design

The LX-705 makes a statement without taking over a room. It fits nicely into limited spaces.

Expressive Touch

Treat your fingers and your toes to the Progressive Hammer Action Keyboard and Progressive Damper Action Pedal. The action is springless and offers an incredible level of senisivity and response with smooth key travel. Sleek wooden sides encase a durable inner frame for maintenance-free reliability. You also gain the control of a fine grand piano's damper pedal necessary for advance techniques.

Pure Acoustic

With two world-class piano tones the LX-705 is sure to satisfy. Pure Acoustic creates remarkable tonal character that you won't find anywhere else. Sound is created as you play to give you an ever changing live sound without the limits of sampling.

Acoustic Projection

While it houses fewer speakers than other LX-Series pianos it's Acoustic Projection System still offers a powerful punch. The 4-speaker, 2-way layout gives each section a specific role in deliverying tremendous tone. Whether you're playing or streaming music, you'll enjoy crystal-clear sound.