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The rich tone of an acoustic piano is created by many elements. A hammer strikes a string which resonates throughout the instrument creating a deep sound with many interactions between parts adding resonance and a fullness to the sound. Roland's entirely new PureAcoustic Piano Modeling faithfully reproduces these interactions as you play, giving you the ever changing harmonics of tone that traditionally was reserved for acoustic grand pianos.

The LX-700 Series Pianos offer two distinctly different PureAcoustic Piano models; a European grand with a deep, rich tonal character and an American grand with a bold clarity. It's like owning two of the world's best grand pianos. You can event customize the sound if desired.

LX Series Pianos

There's nothing like playing an expressive piano in a great sounding venue. Bring that experience home with the new LX Series of pianos by Roland. Choose from European or American-style fully modeled PureAcoustic Piano tones. Touch the all new Hybrid Grand Keyboard (LX708/LX706). Surround yourself with the PureAcoustic Ambience of the venue of your choice. Elegante cabinets house sophisticated Acoustic Projection sound systems that communicate your musical experience authentically while Acoustic Projection headphone processing even duplicate the experience when you don't want to share.

PureAcoustic Piano

Hybrid Grand Keyboard

To access the incredible dynamics of the PureAcoustic Piano tones Roland has created keyboards that responde faithfully to all of the elements of your touch.

Thanks to a number of innovations, the keyboards feel natural and expressive. Luxurious wood sides house a durable inner frame that is stable and maintenance free. Long key lengths with offset pivot points for the white and black keys provide a balanced, even feel from the keys edge to its end. All keys include a stabilizing which provides smooth and quiet key travel without sideways motion.

A specially designed sensing system allows the keyboard to detect human touch with incredible precision and dynamic range.

Good Vibrations

An acoustic grand's keyboard transmits vibrations through the keyboard to the player. This is particularly evident in the bass range of the piano. The LX708 reproduces, and lets you adjust, those same vibrations through its keyboard, even when using headphones, further adding to its authentic grand piano experience.

Ivory/Ebony Feel

The Roland piano keys have the look and feel of ivory and ebony. They also have moisture absorbing-properties so your fingers always feel sure on them.

Advanced Pedals

The LX-708 features Roland's Responsive Damper mechanism. It accurate replicates the behavior of a grand piano's damper pedal for excellent control and feedback.

PureAcoustic Ambience

The environment where you play can have a dramatic effect on the power and nuances of your music. The LX-700  not only offers PureAcoustic Piano tone but PureAcoustic Ambience to place your piano into a wide variety of environments. From a cathedral to a small studio, you can enjoy an incredible sonic range.

"My Stage" offers combinations of European and American grand pianos set in a variety of performance venues, all at the touch of a button and a turn of a knob. Take your piano on the road without leaving your living room!

Acoustic Projection

Every LX-Series piano features an advanced speaker and amplifier system called Acoustic Projection. The pianos fill the room with great sounding grand pianos in wonderful venues. The four, six, and eight speaker systems place the sound accurately the way an acoustic piano delivers sound. From the powerful heart of the piano to subtle overtones, you'll hear every nuance of the grand piano.

Elegant cabinet designs enrich the tone with special C-Shaped openings that cater to sound dispersion.

LX-708 | 4-way • 8-speaker

Eight-speaker Acoustic Projection System with four independent pairs of speakers, each optimized to deliver specific parts of the piano sounds. Everything from hammers striking the strings to cabinet resonance is accurately reproduced. The cabinet's lid may be opened to alter the tone.

LX-706 | 3-way • 6-speaker

Six-speaker Acoustic Projection System with three independent pairs of speakers, each optimized to deliver specific parts of the piano sounds. Everything from hammers striking the strings to cabinet resonance is accurately reproduced.

LX-705 | 2-way • 4-speaker

Four-speaker Acoustic Projection System with two independent pairs of speakers, each optimized to deliver specific parts of the piano sounds. Everything from hammers striking the strings to cabinet resonance is accurately reproduced.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Make music, interact with music, or listen to music. The LX-Series pianos function as both an impressive sound system for playing audio from your smartphone or tablet wirelessly. Play along with your favorite song or just sit back and enjoy the music.

Bluetooth MIDI allows you to interact with apps on your smartphone or tablet wirelessly. Roland's exclusive Piano Every Day app will have you interacting with your piano with on-screen sheet music and more!

Piano Every Day

The LX-Series pianos help you develop your piano playing skills with built-in metronome and recording functions as well as a wide range of onboard songs including educational selections. The Piano Every Day app will help guide you in making playing piano a fun and rewarding experience.

Select the LX Piano that is right for you

The three models of the LX-Series lets the player find the right piano to suit their style, musical taste, and budget. While all three models feature the latest in piano sound technology they differ in keyboard action, sound systems and cabinetry.


The flagship model of the LX-Series. Features a luxurious tall cabinet housing the Hybrid Grand Keyboard with Haptic feedback and an 8-speaker, 4-way Acoustic Projection Sound System.


Features premium cabinetry with the expressive touch of the Hybrid Grand Keyboard and a robust 6-speaker, 3-way Acoustic Projection Sound System.


Features the LX-Series exclusive Pure Acoustic Piano modeling for world-class performance capabilities and a 4-speaker Acoustic Projection Sound System.

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