Roland's free will elevate the level of your piano experience even higher. From interactive flash cards to ease of access to the large amount of content in your piano.


Piano Partner

Many Roland  pianos will work with Piano Partner. Add Roland Wireless Connect for the best experience.

Piano Designer

The Piano Designer app helps you to personalize the sound of your Roland piano. Inside the instrument are many parameters that allow you to finely adjust the sound elements of the piano, much in the same way that an experienced piano technician fine-tunes an acoustic piano for a particular artist or musical style. With the Piano Designer app, you can easily control these many elements from the graphical touchscreen on your mobile device. In addition, the app includes many ready-to-play settings, allowing you to enjoy custom sounds created by world-class piano technicians.

Not all apps work with all instruments. Roland Wireless Connect or Apple Camera Connection kit required on some models.

Piano Partner 2